1. Tex Gets His Due

Tex Winter was elected to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Winter brought the Triangle Offense to pro basketball, and I owe him a incalculable debt for providing me with the finest basketball a elementary school kid on the South Side of Chicago could ever grow up with. Congrats to Coach Winter, you (still) don't look a day over 85.

2. Setting The Tone Early

A Yankees' assistant got busted stealing and sending signs during the team's season-opening series by no other than Keith Olbermann. This is cheating. It's MLB and it's 2011, I'd assume that we would've thought of more sophisticated ways to steal signs than "four fingers means curveball."

3. Simple Misunderstanding

In the face of a lockout and the meager compensation that comes with it, Mike Vrabel tried to recoup some of his on-field losses at an Indiana casino late Sunday night.
Not by hitting the slots. He just lifted a brew from the casino deli. Vrabel's people are calling the incident an "unfortunate misunderstanding." I don't know. If casino beers are anywhere near as expensive as strip club beers, Vrabel knew what he was doing.

5. In Our Thoughts

Stuart Scott let the Twitterverse know that he started chemotherapy. Really tough break for one of the most recognizable faces (and voices) in sports TV we have. This is Scott's second round of chemo since 2008.