1. Great Scott! ... What An Idiot

Orioles outfielder Luke Scott really has his teammates' best interest in mind. When silly Felix Pie "is acting like a savage", for example. Scott just calmly places a banana chip or two in Felix's helmet. Courteous reminder to be civilized. ESPN sees this as the actions of a "complex man." All I see is John Rocker 2.0.

2. NBA Rushmore

The Chicago Tribune asks a common, yet still interesting question: Who would be on your NBA Mt. Rushmore? I've obviously got Mike in the primo position. The inclusion of a non-player/coach in David Stern is an interesting and valid one, but I'll round my monument out with Bill Russell, Magic and Phil Jackson.

3. Dwight Strikes Back

I'd get tired of hearing how I was leaving my team every day too, Dwight.
Especially down 3-1 to a team that lost its last six regular season games. Check out this war of words between Howard and Ric Bucher in the third item.

5. Cornerback Smack

DeAngelo Hall has never been at a loss for words. Even in the offseason. He took the liberty of using some airtime during a radio interview to call Jay Cutler "a clown" and enlighten us about the circumference of Jason Kidd's son's head. Nice.