1. Hair Cut Time

Brandon Marshall's last tweet on April 22. Turned out his wife wasn't taking out those utensils for a hair cut.

2. The Remains of Jimmermania

With his college career one month over, Jimmer Fredette has turned into the next Tim Tebow/Tyler Hansbrough college legend hoping for a successful pro career. His BYU fan site, though, remains. As do caricatures of Fredette as Moses and a president on Mount Rushmore.

3. Bleepin' Bruce Boudreau

Ironically, this was posted by a Rangers fan four months ago. My guess is that Boudreau isn't feeling the same way after this week's past series. Viewer discretion is advised.

4. Big Baby No. 2

What do Big Papi and the lion from the Wizard of Oz have in common? They're both big men with no courage. Or at least that's what The Onion says. Looks like Glen Davis isn't the only Big Baby in Boston.

5. If Only Chris Berman Announced This One

Anaheim Ducks star Bobby Ryan dipsie-doodles his way to the net for a spectacular playoff goal. If Chris Berman announced hockey, he would describe this play with a series of "What! What! What!"