1. Wait A Minute There, Buster

Sports journalism is an uber-competitive business, especially now that Twitter is used by more people than just porn stars and Lil' B. Buster Olney is an elite reporter, especially when it comes to baseball, but I guess he felt the need to get some extra attention with his latest HOF input. If votes were tallied today (which they may be, I have no idea how Cooperstown works), Olney would vote Mark McGwire in and leave Manny Ramirez out. I was expecting some mind-blowing, borderline Nietzsche justification for this garbage. Instead, I got "Big Mac was 'roided up when everybody else was, Manny did it when it became not O.K." Hmmm ...

2. 'F' is for "Foolish"

University of Florida hoopers Erik Murphy and Cody Larson caught felony burglary charges over the weekend for trying to break into a car. No need to really comment further, I'll just quote my guy Julian (a college athlete himself): "They give you free ****, bruh!"

3. USA Youth Movement

Here go some highlights from the just-passed 2011 Nike Hoop Summit.
Austin Rivers, Anthony Davis (South Side stand up!!!), and the rest of the country's future car thieves hoops stars put a beating on the international competition. Some defense even got played.

4. Terrell Suggs, Renaissance Man

The Ravens defensive beast has his own independent film company. It's called Team Sizzle Worldwide, and if you even think about laughing, Terrell comes to your door and asks you to step outside.

5. Smack Attack

Red Sox v. Yankees. John Krasinski v. Alec Baldwin. Let the dissing begin.