1. Great Moments In History With Gus Johnson

Unfortunately, Gus Johnson won't be announcing next weekend's Final Four. Instead, he'll focus on perfecting history's most important calls.

2. Pink Power

In a tight 5-4 game with 5.4 seconds remaining, the Fort Lee Fourth Grade Girls' Rec Basketball Title came down to one final possession. Just ten minutes away from the site of Brandon Knight's game winner and five minutes from the site of Juan Agudelo's tying goal, an unidentified girl in pink became New Jersey's third hero of the weekend.

3. Temple Of Football

There's nothing like a bunch of drunk Americans attempting to cheer with the same intensity as European and South American football hooligans. Although, Rex Ryan would agree with the christening of New Meadowlands Stadium as the "Temple of Football."

4. Jim Rome Acting Like Himself

Jim Rome asks Joey Rodriguez whether or not he is excited for the Final Four. No, this is not Frank Caliendo. This is just Jim Rome being himself and asking obvious questions.

5. Now The Mets Are Really Bankrupt

The Mets finally unload their 40-man roster? Sorry, Mets fans, "The Onion" is fictional. Oliver Perez was actually released, though. I guess that's a plus.