1. The Gus Johnson Soundboard

Trying to get pumped up for the Southeast Regional? Listen to Gus Johnson's trademark calls before the games. Rise and fire or you'll end up in Heartbreak City.

2. Getting Buff With Paul Pierce

Have you ever wanted to watch Paul Pierce do squats? Have you ever wanted to watch Paul Pierce teach elementary school students how to do squats? Now you can.

3. Quick Is His Last Name

It turns out Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick lives up to his name. Either that or he has the remote from Adam Sandler's "Click." Watch as he uses telekinesis to make a save.

4. Nate And T-Will Travel Back To The 90s

Long before they were tormenting NBA coaches, Nate Robinson and Terrence Williams were two innocent little Seattle tweens. Props to whoever can make out the VHS they're about to watch.

5. Mark Cuban Wants To Be A Winner

Mark Cuban is going to have a make a decision. Does he want to focus on money or winning? If it's winning he's after, it's time he made the switch from Dirk to Sheen.