1. Spring Awakening

Spring is upon us and it's time to dust off that hibernating set of golf clubs. What better way to enjoy the good weather than spend an afternoon on the golf course with your kid? Unless of course, you're this dad.

2. Something's Fishy

Catfish is a classic on the dinner table in Nashville. But on the ice? Not so much. Lucky for the Predators, they've got ice girls to clean up their fans' dirty deeds.

3. Dunkin' Kicks

Dunking over a car is SO last month. At China's CBA Dunk Contest, you get inflatable sneakers, double dunks and karate. It makes the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest seem almost legitimate.

4. Ultimate Bracket Showdown

Now that there are virtually no perfect brackets left, it's time to cheer for a new bracket showdown. Instead of college basketball players though, it's the age old battle between cats and dogs. Finally, a March Madness where everyone goes home a winner (except Cat People -- they're just creepy).

5. Knee'd, Not Wanted

An elbow to the head is no cakewalk, but a knee to the head? Gruesome. Matt Cooke is taking his 10-game punishment with his head down, but this goalkeeper has the guts to yell back at the ref. Soccer is the new hot contact sport of the spring.