1. No Words Needed

Check out this crazy finish of a Spanish league basketball game. I have absolutamente no idea what the commentators are saying, but that's the fun part. Not even Gus Johnson could match the wheezing villain laugh after the buzzer-beating trey.

2. Frighty Lighty

The Ohio State University's David Lighty is playing in the Sweet 16. He also graduated in the winter. Congrats are in order, they really are. Unfortunately, the Chris-Tucker-in-Fifth-Element shriek he let out on national TV is hard to get past.

3. Next In Line

Juan Agudelo is apparently the next thing in U.S. soccer.
That may not be a good thing for the young Red Bulls striker. The "soccer phenom curse" is worse than the Madden curse.

4. Hoops Factory

Simeon Career Academy, alma mater of MVP-to-be Derrick Rose, won its second straight Illinois state title. It was the program's fourth in six years. That's impressive in any state, but especially in a place with as much competition as Illinois. Simeon may have a couple more banners to raise in the near future too; its best player is only a sophomore.

5. How High?

Nike has never really been known as a wallet-friendly company. Kids Parents have been shelling out big bucks for 'em before LeBron even hit the scene. And by scene I mean the Earth. Nike execs are warning of an imminent price increase, because of course $150 a pair isn't enough to offset cotton, oil and leather prices.