1. Homes of the Lockout Stars

We're sure you don't feel that bad for the NFL players enduring the current lockout. But just in case you have that small twinge, here's a few of the homes the players are hiding out in until the dust clears.

2. The Mets, New York's Seventh Wheel

You've got to hand it to the advertising team that put this ad together for Manhattan Mini Storage, even if they're probably Yankee fans.

4. Cup Runneth Over with Silence

Winning the Stanley Cup is a surreal experience, one that can seldom be summed up in words by those who have achieved it. So naturally, the NHL put together a pretty awesome commercial for the Finals of players at a loss for words after one of the biggest moments of their lives.

5. Cleveland Bans All Professional Sports

OK, not really, but the Onion Sportsdome obviously wouldn't be surprised if it happened. And this is about how it would go down if it did.