2. Wild Thing Winning

Cleveland Indians fans are trying to bring out Rick Vaughn to throw this year's season opening first pitch. Just another instance where Charlie Sheen will claim he's winning. Duh.

3. Tournament Expands to 4,096 Teams?

Tournament expansion is always a hotly debated topic, but it's usually an argument about adding two or four more teams. Well, the Onion Sports Network tackled the topic of what would happen if the tournament was expanded by monumental numbers.

4. Basketball Conference Revelations

We all make choices in life about the teams we follow and their respective affiliations. As you fill out your bracket and whine about how many Big East teams make it, you might want to check this list to see if it applies to your conference fandom.

5. Tyson's Angry Birds

OK, OK, so maybe Mike Tyson loves birds, and we all know that. But he's not crazy about Angry Birds, and he's got a way to cure your addiction to the app game.