1. Holy Trinity Hail Mary

Remember that time when you were in third grade and you made that amazing shot to win a game that meant everything and nothing at the same time? After you see this kid's shot, you'll be upset YouTube wasn't around a decade ago and thankful because your shot can't top this.

2. Bizarre Baseball Injuries

Zack Greinke cracked his ribs playing hoops, and will miss the start of the 2011 campaign for Milwaukee. Which got The Average Sports Fan thinking about the strangest baseball injuries ever, which seems to be a rite of passage anymore to start the season.

3. Babe Ruth Mockumentary

The Batting Stance Guy is known for having famous baseball swings pegged. He has upped the ante to open spring training, impersonating some of baseball most famous historians and characters in a mockumentary about the Sultan of Swat.

4. Cool As Ice

Ueli Steck is nicknamed "The Swiss Machine," and it's no wonder. The guy plows up mountains like Albert Pujols plows through batting practice.