1. Clippers Clueless ... Again

This Black History Month ad taken out by the Paper Clips is pure gold. We can only guess that the previous page was a photo recap of their team Christmas celebration ... held in late-January. Donald Sterling never fails to fail.

2. Air Head, Air Gun

Ashley Cole might go to jail. Not because he screwed it up with Cheryl Cole (even though that's a high crime in this court of opinion), but because he "accidentally" shot someone with an air rifle. Idiots are never satisfied with their latest screw up. Can't wait to see Cole's next move. From afar, of course.

3. Bologna Lollipop or Meat Salad

Baseball, food and democracy. What a combination.
Here's another: Mac 'n Cheese Burger Burrito. The West Michigan Whitecaps are letting fans vote on this season's new menu item. Based on the choices listed on the ballot, everyone may be voting for antacid next.

4. Desperation

In case you were wondering how bad the Washington Wizards were, Mike Bibby reminded us all on Monday. Instead of take the $6 million+ to play for the Wiz, Bibby clicked his heels three times and gave ALL the money back. Every penny.

5. Free Pizza

This is little Cody Collins. He'll be eating Papa John's Pizza for free in 2011 after hitting this shot during a Kennesaw State University game. Watch out for those sixth-grade girls, Cody. They only want you for your pepperoni.