1. Don’t mess with the Jimmer

Michelle of Apple Valley recently wrote the BYU student newspaper to complain that the worship of basketball star Jimmer Fredette was getting out of hand. Not too long after, the Jimmer fan club made sure her Facebook page got out of hand.

3. Rupp-tured beer

Pittsburgh Penguin Mike Rupp crashed into the boards during warm-ups and spilled a fan’s beer. He felt so bad he signed a puck and paid for the fan’s next beer. That move alone is more fan friendly than anything Gary Bettman has done.

5. Stay classy, Kansas

Kansas University athletics have hired a crack squad of diehard fans to patrol the campus and ensure athletes make it to class and stay awake once they get there. Of course, that’s trickier to do when you’re 75 and half your time is spent sleeping, as well.

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