1. Marathon of marathons

Belgian runner Stefaan Engels just set a Guinness World Record after completing his 365th marathon in as many days. Sucks for the guy who ran 364 races. Engels put more mileage on his body that a lot of people put on their cars. Crazy, because the guy is about to be 50 years old. At that age, the only thing running on most people is a nose.

2. Eau de Lamar?

C’mon, you’re from Queens, son! Unisex fragrances? Man, this must be why the coaches didn’t vote Odom into the All-Star Game.

3. He was Air before the MacBook

Laptop cover skins are pretty high up there on the "Most Useless Things on Earth" list. At least that’s what I believed until I saw this unbelievably awesome MJ sticker. Now all I need is a MacBook.

4. Off the Mark

Mark, you’re the most famous face on NYC’s best football team. Why are you even talking to 17-year-old girls? Unless it is your little sister, a high-profile QB should have an age floor for women you holler at. I’d hire one of my buddies specifically to keep the under-21 ladies out of my sight. You were in college once, Mark. Move on.

5. O Say Can You Bet

Christina. Vegas. Gambling. Super Bowl. Can't be any controversy here.