1. Swimsuit spectacular

Need something to perk you up now that football season is over? How about every Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover ever? Should help ease your pain.

2. Star-Bungled Banner

Look, it’s a tough gig to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. And for our money, few have the pipes that Christina Aguilera has. But if you screw up the lyrics to the anthem, we’re going to point it out.

3. History of the Super Bowl

Did you know Kurt Warner has thrown for the most yards in Super Bowl history? OK, maybe you did, but did you know Jake Delhomme holds a Super Bowl record, and that it’s not a bad thing? It doesn’t include the Packers-Steelers game, but check this out.

5. Who needs snowboards?

Great photos come from a tremendous confluence of circumstances. Sometimes, you’re out snapping photos in a city blizzard when a guy on a skateboard comes zipping down the street.