1. Not-so-elite 11

Playing pickup hoops is always a bit of a dodgy enterprise. You never know what sort of guys you'll run into. These guys have the group of jerks, dorks and babies sorted out.

3. Kiddie Pool Swan Flop

It's labeled as a swan dive on the description, but obviously, a dive into a kiddie pool would break your neck. Besides, it nearly as remarkable that this guy didn't die from a three-story belly flop.

4. Griffin's 137 Special

Blake Griffin has dunked 137 times this season. The folks at NBA.com were kind enough to put all of those dunks on one highlight reel, and the jams fly by in about two minutes.

5. Goalie Art Assembly

For years, hockey goalies have hired artists to make their helmets and masks unique and bold. Here's a collection of some of the best design jobs in the game.