1. Silent ... but creepy

For our money, Oklahoma State’s “Pistol Pete” runs away with this award. That’s what happens when you put an abnormally large, shiny cowboy head on a normal-sized body. The BK King, known for his awkwardness, can’t come close to Pete’s creep level.

3. GPS for NFL TDs?

Scientists are the best, always advancing society and whatnot. This time, they make instant replay unnecessary by inserting a microchip in footballs. No more laborious reviews, which we’re fine with.

4. The dive-free zone

There’s no governing body to stop the worst villain in all of soccer -– the diver. Countless leagues have tried to stop players from feigning assault mid-game, but to no true avail. Finally, a blog has emerged to spotlight the sissies.

5. Blackhawks’ secret weapon

The NHL salary cap forced the Blackhawks to say goodbye to several stars after winning the Stanley Cup. But many Blackhawk fans aren’t complaining. We may have found out what’s distracting them.