1. Da Super Bowl?

The Caleb Hanie of Chicago’s mayoral race dropped back and let loose a political prayer. Chico tried to curry some voter favor and said that, if elected, he’d work to bring the Super Bowl to Soldier Field. Gery, my man, unless this alleged Chicago Super Bowl is a home game for the Bears, nobody cares. How about, if you get elected, you fix Chicago Public Schools, or the Transit Authority?

2. Hammerin' Herschel

I would call Herschel Walker the Julio Franco of MMA, but he'd tear Julio limb from limb so there goes that. Herschel is 48 years old and in better shape than 99.9 percent of the globe. Word is he wants to make another run at an NFL career too. You gonna tell him no?

3. Don't diss Durant

If he played for the Bulls, he’d be my favorite player without a doubt. Kevin Durant had a typical 33-point night against Miami, but the highlight of the night came after the final buzzer. KD sent some choice words at Chris Bosh, mostly about how much of a “fake tough guy” Bosh is. Bravo.

4. 'Get out the way!'

Ronnie Brewer has a vicious dunk here, but it's color commentator Stacey King who makes this clip. Watch your head, Mr. McRoberts. There’s a basketball game going on out there.

5. Cavs dial another wrong number

Who would've thought that the Dec. 2 beatdown Miami gave them would lead to this? The Cavs are horrible, any way you put it: Losers of 20 straight, losers of 30 of their last 31, they’ve gone 0 for 2011. These are professionals, yes, but when your best player is Anderson Varejao -- and he isn’t even suiting up -- things aren’t going to end well. For weeks on end, apparently.