1. Uncorking history

The evolution of extreme sports is such that history seems to be made every couple of years. Still, this is one of the sickest moves you’ll ever see.

2. Getting territorial in the NFL

Pittsburgh has Pennsylvania bragging rights, and the Chiefs dominate an inordinate amount of the Midwest. And there is absolutely ZERO chance the Rams have that much of Missouri and Illinois. We think the NFL was a bit generous with some of these franchises’ reach.

4. World's smallest velodrome

At first, it looks like a short track and you shouldn’t be all that excited. Stick with the video until the end, and you’ll see just how tricky this competition was. Especially when a couple people go flying off the track.

5. Freakonomics of sports

Ever wonder if calling a timeout just before a field goal really changes anything? Or if the Cubs’ failures are rooted in something more concrete than a curse? A new book may have some answers for you.