1. Vick Vision

Remember the Nike commercial for “Michael Vick: The Ride?” We do because it was freaking awesome. Well, the NFL decided to mount a video camera to Vick’s helmet for Pro Bowl practices, and the result is pretty cool.

2. The suite life ...

Want to party in a private suite at Cowboys Stadium for the Super Bowl? Start ponying up, and maybe start a pool with your friends. No word on whether you get Cowboy cheerleaders with the suite, but you better for this price.

3. ... and suite eats

OK, maybe you’ve decided the price is a bit steep for you and your friends to party in style. And you’re not missing out on THAT much, right? Well, about that…this menu’s pretty lavish. That said, it won’t rival our Super Bowl house party menu. Eat your heart out, Jerry.

4. What was Germany's strength of schedule?

To continue the assault on the BCS, fans and writers alike are finding ways to relate how absurd the system is. This time, a wily fan comes up with a stellar analogy about how WWII would have been decided if computers were in charge.

5. This Hibachi burns cash

Ever wonder how NBA players end up declaring bankruptcy? Wonder no more. Gilbert Arenas’ current court proceedings with his ex-girlfriend are shedding light on just how all that money seems to disappear. Some of the expenses make sense. But seriously, $8,000 for a TOY CAR?