1. Gator ache

Chandler Parsons has proven time and again that he can make a big three-pointer for the Florida Gators. Against Georgia, his teammate on the bench made it clear Parsons isn’t the only the Gator with a wicked shot. Warning: This one’s going to hurt, fellas.

2. It’s about more than swooshes

This is a collection of every Nike logo ever. Nothing is more iconic in sports apparel than the classic swoosh, but Nike’s never been afraid of branding. You may be surprised just how often the apparel behemoth has cranked out a new look.

3. Nomaaaaahhhhh!

Nomar Garciaparra’s exit from Boston in 2004 paved the way to the first Sox title in 86 years, and was met with mixed feelings from the Yawkey Way faithful. Years later, it appears he still remains thankful to the fans that once worshipped the hitting machine he was.

4. Wanted: Big Mouth Coach

A frustrated Jets fan posted a Craigslist ad to vent about his current head coach. The only confusing part is that while the ad is funny, it’s practical issue is trying to replace Rex Ryan with another Rex Ryan. Might as well keep the one you’ve got, Jets fan, for better or worse. [via reddit]

5. Presidential policy ... on sports

What if when the greatest presidents in US history were actually talking about sports each time their words echoed through the years? You might be surprised to find out that Harry Truman was a big proponent of a college football playoff.