1. Woodson calls out Obama

It’s no secret that President Obama is a massive Chicago Bears fan, and fan of all sports in Chicago. And that’s fine with Green Bay defensive back Charles Woodson because he has a plan in case the leader of the free country doesn’t want to show up to the Super Bowl.

2. U.S.S. Tar Heel

Think about the coolest place you’ve ever seen a college basketball game played. Bad news, it is now the second-coolest place you will ever see a college basketball game played. UNC and Michigan State are going to go at it on an aircraft carrier. Seriously.

3. Legends of the fall

LIFE asked five veteran football photographers with decades of experience to pick out some of their favorite shots for this 30-image gallery. There are incredible celebration shots, big picture shots and somehow, Keyshawn Johnson managed to get featured in the gallery twice.

5. Husky Houdini

UConn Husky Caroline Doty is a very good basketball player. But as this clip and men's star Kemba Walker will tell you, she is also the “best trick shot lady in the world.” We must say, the video evidence is compelling.