1. Book it

Maybe this won’t be the quickest, most extreme moment of your day. But this "60 Minutes" piece on Billy Walters is pretty wild, and will make you think a little bit about that measly $20 you’ve got on the Packers-Bears game.

2. Cheerleader + Playboy = Controversy

Mississippi State cheerleader Taylor Corley has been busy this year. She’s put in her first year as a freshman in Starkville, and managed to find time to pose for "Playboy," as well. Naturally, this is causing a static uproar that really no one can explain, but it’s an uproar nonetheless.

3. Tailgating with the Commish?

Steelers fans have had enough of Roger Goodell fining their players for hits, and now they’re openly mocking him. In their defense, this is a pretty good analogy for how ridiculous the fines can be at times.

4. Tickets for favors

It's easy to think this posting is sexual in nature, but really, "stuff" can mean anything. This person will absolutely re-enact the Civil War on your lawn or dress up like a clown and hang from the ceiling or eat as many ribs in an hour as you see fit. Or re-enact the Civil War dressed as a clown while eating ribs.

5. When you lay off enough copy editors ...

You may interpret what you see here as a mistake by an editor that just didn’t double-check before he or she sent the page to press. But this is actually an unsuccessful attempt by editors to describe Bart Scott’s postgame rant.