1. Watch out for this mover and shaker, Laker Girls

If every guy moved like this, cougars wouldn’t even exist. Young guys would have no shot going up against these moves. Just as the video starts to mesmerize you and the dance moves are repeated, our intrepid dancer is spotted by the Jumbotron and the crowd erupts.

2. Lego replica of the Horseshoe

It takes a serious commitment to the Buckeyes to build a replica of Ohio Stadium, and you’d think this builder is a lifelong fan. Not so. He grew up in the Netherlands, is now a professor at Ohio State and his kids probably think he’s the coolest dad ever. He even went out of his way to put President E. Gordon Gee in the model, but shockingly forgot about TCU and the Little Sisters of the Poor.

3. Madden ratings for the intangibles?

What if Madden ratings got the core of every player’s personality, detailing their motivations and personal vices? OK, maybe none of that is relevant when you’re just trying to hit Greg Jennings on a slant as Aaron Rodgers, but this chart still addresses the unspoken but valuable “Times better than Favre” factor.

4. How Holmes stays inbounds

Santonio Holmes has made a career now of toeing the sidelines for catches (and in the interest of full disclosure, not exactly being a model citizen), but it’s not like that sort of coordination and balance is easy. If this video is legitimate, then you won’t be surprised anymore when you see him pull off another tip-toe catch.

5. No thanks for Favre’s thank you

For just $299.99, Brett Favre will thank you generically specifically for all the memories of his 20-year NFL career. He’ll also sign the poster, which could not be more bland or uninspiring. More like something you could have found at a shady memorabilia store in the corner of the mall on the bad side of town.