1. Will these faces ring a bell?

You’ve always sort of fancied yourself a detective, right? The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Frank Drebin – they all could learn a thing or two from you. Well, let’s hope you can read faces because it's nearly impossible to get a perfect score on this quiz.

2. Tricked-out scenic route

Looking for a way to kick-start your week at work while everyone else you know gets the day off? BMXer Danny MacAskill is out to inspire you with a massive collections of bike tricks that you wouldn’t even attempt on two feet.

3. Snow way!

This will easily be the coolest 10 seconds of your day. It's labeled as impossible, but this clearly is not the case. In the immortal words of Bart Simpson, "I can do that, I just don't wanna."

4. Getting territorial with London soccer fans

You don’t have to be a footie fan to appreciate this map, which breaks down club fandom in the London area. It includes 15 teams, which is a lofty task. Could you imagine breaking down areas of New York just for baseball alone? Queens? Mets. Bronx? Yankees. East Village Apathetics?

5. Stronger stuff? Blake Griffin v. Shawn Kemp

Blake Griffin is constantly drawing comparisons to Shawn Kemp this year, and not too long ago, someone finally put together highlight reels comparing the two as dunkers. Maybe it’s just us, but it doesn’t seem like Kemp even comes close to looking half as weightless as Griffin at the apex of a dunk.