1. Winter X-Games: Amish style

We're pretty sure this cat goes by Ezekiel "Shaun" White. Maybe the Amish do their best to avoid the comforts of modern technology, but it's clear they've got no problem embracing modern sport. We'd guess that Amish laser tag is next, but that's probably just an afternoon with slingshots in the pasture. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

2. And it dwarfs the Green Monster

They're playing baseball in Nepal in the shadow of Everest! This is much smarter than trying to climb a mountain that will most likely kill you.

3. A cross between cliff diving and gymnastics?

In the words of Ron Burgundy, "Don't aaact like you're not impressed." The best part is the end where they note the blisters on his hands -– because a 99-foot leap off a wire swing into the water obviously needs more ways to look gutsy.

4. Not ready for rhyme time

Somehow, this rap song managed to be more horrendous than Antonio Cromartie's shots at Tom Brady, while featuring 100 percent fewer curse words. The Fox Experience's best line? "You mess with Bart Scott, you get vaccinated." Does that mean Scott has some infectious disease, or is he actually doing us a favor, like making sure we don't get Swine Flu?

5. Chip shot

The fine people at Frito Lay would like you to know that they had nothing to do with Brent Musburger ruining the national championship with his "This is for all the Tostitos" line. We sort of loved it. And if they're honest, so did Frito Lay. But they had nothing to do with it, do you understand?! Nothing!