1. Does Super Mario Have Beast Mode?

Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch’s game-clinching touchdown against New Orleans Saturday was thrilling to watch live, and now you can relive it with the background music that was missing the first time. All that’s missing is a beanstalk climb at the end.

2. Nike barrages Arizona mountains with lasers

You expected Phil Knight and company to pull out all the stops the minute their beloved Ducks made the national championship game, but imagine how confused some desert fox was when he popped out of his den and found himself uncontrollably raving with a cactus?

3. The Sandy Koufax of Wiffleball

Proclaiming him the next Koufax is sort of lofty, especially since he’s right handed and his motion is strangely reminiscent of Stephen Strasburg.

4. Dance contestant stuns audience

Competitive dancing is more of a sport than bowling, and this is sort of competitive, right? OK, we’ll admit it, we needed a loophole to ensure this made the list. Because it’s that bad awesome.

5. A-P-P-S! Apps! Apps! Apps!

It's a little disturbing that Fireman Ed has become football's most mainstream cheerleader. We think even most Jets fans would rather have the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders "Making the Team" app instead. This app? Sad. Awesome. Enterprising. Annoying. It's got it all. (Except hot women.)