A popular junior varsity football coach in Oakland has been suspended after video surfaced showing him fighting a student on a school bus.

In the video, which was sent to news outlets and school administrators through an anonymous account, the coach is seen yelling at a student seated on the bus. The student is also yelling back, and when he tries to stand up, the coach pushes him into the seat.

That prompts the student to lunge at the coach. The two of them grapple before the coach bodyslams him against one of the seat benches.

A second video shows more of the struggle. Although it's difficult to see exactly what is going on, it's clear that other players have stepped in to try and separate the player and coach.

The coach, De'Carlos Anderson, has been placed on administrative leave while the Oakland Unified School District conducts an investigation, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The district will be seeking to understand the context of the conflict between the teacher and student to determine the extend to which Anderson acted out of line.

"Certainly what we saw in the video is egregious and very disturbing," said Troy Flint, a spokesman for the district, to the Chronicle. "It is not representative of this district or the conduct we would expect any employee to exhibit."

The district's spokesman said that the coach's strong reputation wouldn't override or influence the black-and-white terms of teacher conduct the district has in place.

"This incident is uncharacteristic of Mr. Anderson by all accounts. He is held in high regard at McClymonds," Flint said. "We still have to treat what occurred on the merits of the situation. We have an inflexible principle concerning violence toward students."

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