Boston Red Sox

Massachusetts police busted into a home looking for evidence of a prescription-pill drug ring.

They found all of that and something much more shocking -- a World Series championship ring honoring the 2004 Boston Red Sox.

And this wasn't some replica sold to fans -- it was the real deal, awarded to a Red Sox employee for the team's championship.

According to The Patriot-Ledger, police officers found "a significant amount" of Oxycodone tablets, along with a money-counting machine and $9,000 in cash.

Among that evidence was the World Series ring. The Quincy, Massachusetts, police captain said the force would eventually return the ring to its former owner.

The name of the Red Sox employee was not identified, and there's no word on the story behind the ring, including how the ring was stolen and later came into possession of the drug dealer.

The drug ring was described as "decent-sized." Three men were arrested in connection with the ring on multiple charges.

It's normal for professional sports teams to purchase championship rings for a large number of employees working for the organization -- not just players, staff and the front office, but other staff members not directly associated with team operations.

That makes it tough to pinpoint who had the ring stolen -- and also explains why its theft was not major news at the time of its disappearance.

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