The next FIFA president will enjoy a much shorter leash, if the organization's auditor gets his way. With soccer's governing body embroiled in controversy, many within FIFA see the current moment as a prime opportunity to introduce reforms that would otherwise meet strong resistance.

Sepp Blatter

As The Wall Street Journal reports, such change would reduce the executive committee's involvement in day-to-day responsibilities.

Those tasks would be picked up by a board of management hired to handle the business considerations of the organization, such as sponsorships, contracts, even hosting rights for upcoming World Cups.

The executive committee would see its duties limited to matters of sport -- rules and other competitive aspects of handling global soccer.

The position of FIFA president in particular would see significant change. First on the list of reforms would be the institution of term limits, which sitting president Sepp Blatter -- who was recently elected to a fifth term -- has adamantly opposed.

With Blatter set to resign his post in early 2016, now is the time to impose such limits without butting up against FIFA's leadership.

The WSJ credits many of these reforms to FIFA chief auditor Domenico Scala, who will present these options when the executive committee convenes next month.

At that meeting, Scala is expected to propose a contraction of the committee, reducing it from 25 to 12 members.

These are just the first of what could be several waves of reforms, all of them designed to de-centralize power within FIFA, reduce the influence and clout of particular members and positions, and create a more stable framework for managing global soccer without the rampant fraud that has plagued the organization for at least two decades.

With Blatter and other members of FIFA currently facing intense scrutiny and bright spotlights, the organization is facing a crucial juncture where the future of the organization will be shaped for years to come.

While some of the changes seem radical, they are an appropriate response to extreme criminal activity that has proven the current FIFA framework is unworkable.

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