San Diego Padres interim manager Pat Murphy ignited a social media firestorm late in the team's matchup with the New York Mets on Wednesday night.

With the trade deadline quickly approaching, fans and media are keeping a watchful eye for players suddenly pulled from lineups. Oftentimes, this indicates that a trade is imminent.

When Murphy took Matt Kemp out in the sixth inning and did the same with Justin Upton in the eighth inning, Twitter went insane. Everyone, including the media, thought a trade was coming 'round the bend.

Kemp's removal was one thing. Then, it was Upton's turn -- and the speculation started up in full force.

Fans were already coming up with potential trade scenarios.

All of this panic for nothing, apparently. Neither player was traded before reporters got the chance to ask Murphy about it.

Murphy was ready for the questions, because, well, he started the whole thing in the first place.

It may have caused the Padres fans some unnecessary heart palpitations. But if you're looking for comfort, don't go to Murphy.

He's probably thrilled.

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