It starts like they all do: Justin Buchanan, a 19-year-old fan looking for the spotlight, dashes for the field at Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park.

In most cases, trespassers are usually caught within seconds of touching down on the field. Sometimes, fans will evade police officers for a bit, maybe make their rounds with the players, only to be mobbed after igniting the crowd.

That was the best-case scenario for crowd-jumpers like Buchanan around the world. Until Wednesday night, anyway.

Buchanan hopped onto the field on the third base side and made a run to the center field fence. Cops made an effort to catch him, but he made it over the fence and back out onto the concourse.

Once Buchanan made it out onto the concourse, he was free. He eventually made it home without being caught, a feat unheard of in the hobby of field-jumping.

And get this: Buchanan was bold enough to take a video while running across the field. Talk about multi-tasking.

His entire adventure was executed flawlessly. Maybe that was because he planned it ahead time.

"I actually googled on the way to the game, consequences of getting caught," Buchanan told a local television station.

"... My mom, when I texted her about it, she asked if I was ready to be escorted out of the game," Buchanan said. "And I told her that it'd be fine. She actually told me if I got in trouble, my car money's for bail."

It's still unclear whether Buchanan will need to turn to his car money. Posting the video to social media made it easy for police to figure out who the loose field-runner was.

Even if he avoids any serious legal trouble, Buchanan could still be facing a trespassing fine. But given that he researched the risks, it's a consequence he's probably happy to take.

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