Some of you might know Brock Lesnar as an unstoppable UFC heavyweight, but since his MMA retirement he's made a return to WWE.

He's still gigantic, meaty and terrifying, as evidenced recently by a moment on Raw where he tore a passenger door off a Cadillac. In all of his rage and theater, Lesnar then whipped it through the air. Part of that throw didn't go quite as planned: The door sailed into the stands striking a young fan and flattening him.

It's hard to see in the original broadcast because of when the camera cut away, but a fan sitting behind the young boy had his phone camera rolling as the door was launched into the air. It's still difficult to see, but you can see a boy in a blue shirt who gets hammered by the door.

As dangerous as it looked, everything turned out okay. According to, the boy was tended to by WWE paramedics, and then he was brought backstage for a brief period of time.

He finished the WWE Raw show from his seat in the stands -- most likely bruised, but probably happy to have had such an intimate experience.

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