After the details of her 2014 domestic violence arrest were made available just before the start of this year's FIFA Women's World Cup, Hope Solo has been the target of harsh criticism -- and the lack of any punishment for the goalkeeper has turned attentions toward U.S. soccer.

Now, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal is going after U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati in a strongly worded letter that has been released in its entirety to the public.

The letter accuses U.S. Soccer of failing to investigate or take any action regarding the new information revealed in police documents from the 2014 incident.

"The details from police reports, sworn witness depositions, and a transcript of a 911 call from that evening, paint a picture all too familiar to those of us who have worked closely with victims of domestic violence and family violence," writes Blumenthal, who then brings up the gory details of Solo slamming her nephew's head into the cement ground.

Blumenthal, a Democrat from Connecticut, also slams U.S. Soccer for being silent on the matter for three months after the allegations and arrest first hit the news.

"Last year, I criticized the NFL for failing to adequately punish domestic violence in the wake of a two-game suspension given to Ray Rice," Blumenthal writes. "It is distressing that after so many months of national dialogue on the issue, we find ourselves at square one in the Hope Solo situation.

"I urge U.S. Soccer to conduct a thorough investigation into this incident -- an inquiry that includes a comprehensive review of police reports and interviews of the alleged victims. In the interim, U.S. Soccer should at least articulate an explanation for Hope Solo’s position as an active member of Team USA."

U.S. Soccer has not commented on Solo or responded to Blumenthal. The team is scheduled to take on Sweden on Friday.

All of Blumenthal's points are legitimate, and others have made the same case. But it is worth noting that one of the two backup goalkeepers for the U.S., Alyssa Naeher, is from Bridgeport, Conn., where Blumenthal maintains one of his offices.

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