The drama surrounding FIFA president Sepp Blatter and his dismissive attitudes toward women's soccer is starting to reach comedic heights.

After suggesting the women wear shorter shorts to build intrigue among fans -- and, more recently, calling himself the "godfather" of women's soccer around the world, despite doing almost nothing but hold it back from further growth -- U.S. star Alex Morgan reveals that Blatter doesn't even know who she is.

That's significant because Morgan is a former FIFA Women's Player of the Year. She's made several appearances alongside Blatter.

None of them were enough, apparently, to stick in his memory.

In an interview with TIME Magazine, she recalls the most notable instance:

"I have experienced sexism multiple times, and I'm sure I will a lot more," she told the magazine. "I feel like I'm fighting for female athletes. At the FIFA World Player of the Year event [in 2012], FIFA executives and FIFA president Sepp Blatter didn't know who I was.

"And I was being honored as top three in the world. That was pretty shocking."

Morgan has been among the professionals who actively campaigned for the 2015 Women's World Cup to be played on natural grass, which is safer for athletes but more costly to install and maintain.

Her requests fell on deaf ears -- FIFA has insisted that artificial turf be used.

Maybe if she'd said it wearing short shorts, Blatter would have heard her.

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