Floyd Mayweather hasn't been so popular since he won his fight against Manny Pacquiao. Many people who spent money on the fight were upset that the 12-round contest lacked fireworks or any truly compelling moments. For a sporting event that generated hundreds of millions of dollars -- around $400 million in pay-per-view spending alone -- Mayweather turned in a dud.

There's also his criminal history that has been revisited in recent weeks, particularly after he banned at least two female reporters from entering the fight on the grounds that they had criticized him as a convict of domestic violence.

So when Mayweather turned up at a Golden State Warriors playoff game Wednesday night, he didn't exactly get a hero's welcome:

Many people observed that the boos rained down on Mayweather were even louder than the treatment given to the opposing Memphis Grizzlies. One local sports columnist firmly believed that the booing was in response to Mayweather's track record for beating women.

But Mayweather is used to being treated that way and taking flak for his past behavior. His most common response has been to ignore the criticisms and hope they go away. That was his same strategy at Oracle Arena.

The noise stemming from Mayweather's domestic violence history just seems to grow louder the more he tries to avoid it. So far, though, he's content to count his millions and smile.

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