Just eight years removed from captaining Italy to World Cup soccer gold, Fabio Cannavaro has landed in jail. And it's for a rather odd reason.

He went swimming in his own pool.

Relax: It's not quite as insane as it sounds. Cannavaro's 10-month sentence has more to do with violating direct orders to stay off of a property he had built in Naples, Italy.

The property was closed off after local prosecutors found out that Cannavaro had built parts of the construction without properly applying for planning permission before adding the features.

Consequently, the grounds were seized by authorities. That made Cannavaro's crime something akin to trespassing. His wife and brother were also sentenced to their own jail terms.

Cannavaro has been in trouble with law enforcement in the past, too. CNN reports that he was under investigation in 2014 for tax evasion, although nothing formal has been brought forward as of yet.

Cannavaro filed an appeal against the sentence, which has temporarily postponed his punishment. He might be able to avoid jail by winning the appeal, although his track record doesn't bode well for living a clean life after this point.

Currently, Cannavaro is a coach for a professional soccer team in China. It isn't immediately clear if the team will levy any punishment or public statement regarding the coach's legal troubles.

But for a former World Player of the Year, it's not quite the post-playing life he probably imagined.

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