Soccer observers hoping for change among FIFA's governing body should brace themselves for disappointment: So far, there are no confirmed opponents to incumbent president Sepp Blatter.

Five different opponents have inserted themselves as potential opponents, but none have met the criteria required to be eligible in the election. According to The Wall Street Journal, only one of the candidates has a decent shot of gaining eligibility before next week's deadline.

Candidates must be nominated by five separate heads of FIFA member associations. While the nomination process is blind currently, those involved in the nomination process are made public later down the line.

That is seen as the leading cause for reluctance among current member heads. Those leaders are reluctant to express public opposition to Blatter, for fear of public criticism or even retribution.

Meanwhile, many members that would like to see some change feel that Blatter's victory is inevitable, and they don't want to get stuck on the losing side of things.

"The feeling exists that the final result of the election is set and that it would be risky to sign them," wrote one of the aspiring challengers. "There is also the fear of being singled out or punished."

That's not the only barrier to reform in FIFA -- there's plenty to suggest that, despite numerous calls for change and a spate of scandals within the organization, member associations don't actually want to press for reform.

Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl recently wrote that with $2 billion in World Cup 2014 profits, along with another $1.5 billion in reserves, organizations are happy to get fat on the revenues trickling down instead of upholding the integrity of the organization.

Only demands or ultimatums issued by major sponsors, such as McDonald's and Coca-Cola, could prompt meaningful changes -- and those would only be in the interest of preserving profits.

So if you're hoping greener grass, prep yourself for more of the same.

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