We're not sure when chocolate became the quintessential female guilty pleasure (for proof, see any chocolate ad in recent history), but we're not afraid to admit it: Real men love chocolate, too.

How do we know? As chocolate lovers ourselves, we've noticed a trend of chocolatiers marketing more of their products toward men—chocolates with flavors such as chile pepper, bacon, and beer (yes, beer!).

Still, it's one thing to come up with a wacky new flavor; it's another to create something that genuinely tastes good. So we at Guy Gourmet decided to devise the greatest chocolate smackdown the Internet has ever seen. We asked the best chocolate makers in the world to send us samples and then, in true journalistic fashion, tasted more than 100 different flavors to determine our favorites. For even more ways to challenge your gut, click here for The 10 Foods Every Man Must Eat Before He Dies.

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