Ivan Nolia of Washington D.C. began practicing yoga a year ago. Now as a 9-year-old he has already completed the standard 200 hours of yoga teacher training to become a certified instructor.

We're not sure how official these records are -- there was a report in 2011 of an 11-year-old teacher in Miami -- but Ivan could be the youngest yoga teacher in the nation. (The world record was bestowed on a 6-year-old from India in 2010.)

Ivan, who also participates in gymnastics, kung fu and swimming, says yoga gives him discipline in school.

"I don't act too wild and things like that -- like some kids do," Ivan told WJLA.

Ivan told WJLA that he has aspirations of being a doctor and an astronaut while continuing to be a yoga instructor. If Ivan needs any inspiration to maintain his practice for the long haul, he can turn to the world's oldest yoga teacher, Tao Porchon-Lynch, who released an instructional DVD when she was 94.

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