You can spot the signs of a computer body miles away. You know: the rounded back, the less-than-stellar posture, and a butt that's seen perkier days.

"When you spend all day sitting at a desk your back seems to be permanently in a hunched over position, which can lead to lots of aches and pains," says Prevention's Fitness expert Chris Freytag. "To counteract that, you need to strengthen the muscles in your back. You'll start to feel better, and look better instantly." (Prevent bad posture and pain with these beginner yoga moves.)

The antidote is this week's exercise, the renegade row with burpee. It combines a back strengthening exercise with a calorie-burning cardio burst.


There's also a bonus core-toning benefit: you're holding a plank -- one of the best core exercises -- while performing the renegade row. "A strong back supports your belly, keeping your body balanced and healthy," says Freytag.

(Flatten your belly without a single crunch with this super-effective No-Crunch Ab Workout.)

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