As Washington sports fans hold their breath waiting for Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III to come back, it seems like nothing else really matters (after all, who are they going to root for there? The Wizards?) So when Tiger Woods did an interview with a CSN Washington, a local TV station there, it's only natural the conversation drifted into the one thing Woods and RGIII have in common: Knee surgery.

And the answer that Woods gave, when asked what kind of advice he would give the young quarterback, certainly won't calm the nerves of 'Skins fans.

"For me, did I have to be explosive when I came back? Yes, but only to a certain extent,” Woods said. “I could still hit the ball 30 yards shorter and still win golf tournaments. For him, losing a half a step is a big deal. And no one's gonna be hitting me out there on the golf course.

"That would be fun, though. It’d be aggressive. We used to do that in high school -- full-contact golf -- but that's a different story. I think what Robert's going through, and we saw what [Adrian Peterson] went through and the year that he came back and had, and even Tom Brady. Those were lead leg injuries, too, at least for Tom. Robert, being a trail leg, hopefully he has the power back and explosiveness so he can push off and throw that ball.”

(h/t Washington Post's Sports Bog)