Even though he's expected to be out for the next few weeks with a back injury, Detroit Pistons rookie center Andre Drummond will be sure to make his presence felt and heard by his teammates.

The 7-foot Drummond will carry a drum around during team practices, with the hope being that pounding on the instrument will help strengthen his core as he recovers from a stress fracture of the fifth lumbar vertebra. Before his injury, Drummond was having a spectacular rookie season and was thought by some to be in contention for Rookie of the Year. Drummond was averaging 7.3 points and 7.5 rebounds in about 20 minutes per game. His 22.6 PER led all rookies.

Now, Drummond is left to deal with an injury the likes of which he has never experienced. But the introduction of the drum into his rehab will allow Drummond to remain with the team until his back heals.

"He is our Ringo Starr," Pistons coach Lawrence Frank told reporters. "I think it is very important that when you are injured in all professional sports to remain engaged. Sometimes in sports when you are injured, you become invisible. I think it is important that we integrate him in everything we do and he integrates himself. Mentally you are preparing like you are playing, but physically you can't play. So you prepare yourself as best you can."

Drummond, who will not need surgery for the injury, was also fitted for a back brace. The hope throughout the Pistons organization is that if Drummond stays true to his musical rehab, the talented youngster won't miss a beat.

(H/T to Sports Grid)