Too bad most of you missed the great interview Oprah had on her network last week.

Yes, she pulled in more than 12 million U.S. viewers for that two-part conversation with Lance Armstrong, and good for her, because the cold reality of media is that even Oprah needs ratings to pay the bills.

But we wish her segment with Nick Vujicic could've been just as popular.

Who's Nick Vujicic?

Well, for starters, he isn't an arrogant sociopath who expressed minimal contrition for trying to ruin the lives of those who spoke the truth.

And he isn't a professional athlete.

But he does surf, snorkel, golf and play soccer, which is only a big deal because he was born without arms and legs.

Nick was teased in school about his condition and attempted suicide when he was 10. But then he found the inspiration to make the most of his life. Now 30, he got married last year and travels the world to inspire others.

"I had parents who were my heroes," he says. "They always said: 'You can either be angry for what you don't have or be thankful for what you do have.'"

Here's the video clip with more Nick's motivational message:

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