Tommy Carroll, a 20-year-old from outside Chicago, looks quite natural on a skateboard.

Carroll glides through skateparks with ease, mixing impressive tricks with dangerous spills. In his 10 years on the board he's developed an extremely impressive knack for the sport.

And oh yeah, did we mention he's blind?

Carroll, a sophomore journalism major at Northwestern University, was born with a retina cancer that blinded him by the age of 2. But that didn't stop him from picking up skateboarding in his free time.

As Carroll explains in this interview with Tony Hawk, when he rides at a new location he gradually familiarizes himself with each aspect of a skatepark. He'll use his senses to feel out his surroundings, and after a certain number of rides he says he usually feels comfortable enough to begin trying tricks.

You can see Carroll showing off his skills in the video below, which was produced by the Dutch retailer Perry Sports.

"I think everybody should know that everything happens for a reason," Carroll says in the video. "And that there's always a way to overcome an obstacle if you really want it enough."

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A stellar cross country runner in high school, Carroll is also an avid drummer.

(H/T to BuzzFeed)

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