After bringing the hammer down on the New Orleans Saints for the team's bounty program, Roger Goodell probably needed some time to decompress and just peace out.

It turns out Texans running back Arian Foster was just the man to help the commish feel right at om.

Foster tweeted this photo with the heading "#namaste Mr. Goodell."

Namaste, a Sanskrit word that starts and ends yoga practices, actually means "I bow to the divine in you." Given Goodell's ultimate authority in the league, that takes on additional meaning, but feel free to insert your own Tebow joke here.

Foster, a philosophy major at Tennessee, is a big fan of yoga. He once tweeted: "Yoga fills me with peace. As my instructor said tonight; peace is not stillness, it is being able to remain calm in chaos."

After the bounty debacle, Goodell must be looking forward to all the peace and calm he can get.

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