Whale-watching tourists got the picturesque shot they were hoping for. Meanwhile, a pair of kayakers got a surprise they won't forget anytime soon.

Video published to YouTube by California's Sanctuary Cruises shows a humpback whale breaching beautifully into the water of Monterey Bay. As it splashes back into the water and disappears, one tourist on the cruise boat asks:

"Where's the kayak?"

Two people and their kayak had been just beside the whale when it burst out of the water. When the whale went back under the water, they were nowhere to be seen.

Fortunately, the two kayakers did survive. Both were wearing lifejackets and climbed onto their overturned kayak to wait for a rescue team.

The video's description notes that the incident happened Saturday, about one mile off the coast.

Humpback Breach

Heck of a vacation. You can't buy that kind of adventure.

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