You definitely don't see this every day: A video released by Minnesota police provides dashcam footage of a high-speed car chase that barrels down the fairways of a golf course.

The footage, taken last summer, shows officers in Moorhead, Minnesota, chasing a truck driven by Kendall Feist, who was later sentenced to 11 years in prison for drug offenses.

In total, the police chase captured on tape was more than seven minutes long, but the golf course mayhem begins just after the 3:30 mark.

If you're watching this wondering, "Say, should the police have continued this chase across a populated golf course?" then you have a good head on your shoulders.

Indeed, the police officers were not exactly heroes in this situation, breaking rules and codes of conduct that led to disciplinary actions against three officers and their supervisor, according to WDAZ.

That seems appropriate, considering that, at one point, a police cruiser speeds between a gap created by a golf cart and a small building. As the cruiser quickly approaches, a golfer runs across the path to seek safety on the grounds of the small building.

No one was hurt, for which the officers are certainly very lucky. Poor decision-making by all parties, yes, but one great video for the rest of us. Who doesn't love a good high-speed chase?

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