Some strange tourists have showed up to California's Huntington Beach: Great white sharks. About 10 of them, to be precise, all of them young. While the local authorities have warned beachgoers about the danger, they haven't closed the waters, mostly because the sharks are too small to target humans as prey.

If left alone, the great whites -- which are estimated at no larger than seven feet -- will likely leave people alone. But for some paddleboarders, the temptation of seeing these sharks up close is too great to ignore.

In a video posted to YouTube, paddleboarders Joseph Trucksess and Courtney Hemerick get several great underwater shots of the sharks circling beneath their paddleboards, even getting so brazen as to dip their feet in the waters.

For as calm and cool as they both appear, Trucksess told The Orange County Register that it took him about half an hour to stand up on his paddleboard -- he was afraid of falling into the water and being attacked.

"My perception of sharks has been so distorted by Jaws and other movies," he told the OCR. "It was cool to see how peaceful and non-aggressive they are."

Eventually, Hemerick and Trucksess settled down and enjoyed the experience. They spent several hours in close proximity to the sharks as beachgoers watched from the sand.

Experts say the sharks are in the area to feed on the small wildlife, including sting rays.

In the end, Trucksess came away impressed by the tranquility and beauty of the sharks -- and the peaceful nature in which he was able to watch them.

"It was cool to be in their territory, on their turf," he said.

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