From the looks of the video, it seems like by the time you know what happened, you're either dead or alive. Speedboaters enjoying some racing and daredevil stunts got a little more than they bargained for when an airplane came within feet of crashing into the watercraft.

The video, captured with a GoPro device attached to a selfie stick, shows the airplane coming up from behind and quickly streaking just feet overhead. Had it been just a little lower in the air, it would have hit the boat dead-on, likely killing the passengers.

From the looks of the video, the plane might be suffering from some mechanical malfunction. Smoke or steam is blowing from the underside of the plane, and it is leaning heavily to the left as it approaches the boat and passes overhead.

According to ABC News, the three men in the boat were participating in a fishing tournament and air show in Argentina.

One of the men, Mariano Bradanini, told ABC that they were scared at first but then realized it was part of the air show: "We didn’t know it would come so close."

Other footage from the speedboaters show that the participants are comfortable with daredevil stunts. Earlier in the video, two speedboats traveling at high speeds come up alongside each other and almost make contact. At the same time, another plane skirts them on the side -- not close enough to suggest danger, but with enough proximity that a simple mistake or mechanical failure could create a potentially fatal situation.

It appears this group avoided such a fate, leaving the rest of us with chilling video of what might have been.

Bradanini told ABC that will return for next year's event.

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